CRISA Associates are actively engaged in many areas of substance abuse research, including:

  • Epidemiology
  • Treatment and prevention, and
  • Drug law and policy

A major objective of the Centre is to enhance the capacity of African scholars and professionals to engage in research that advances our understanding of;

    • Psychotropic drugs
    • Drug use and
  • Drug-related problems

CRISA Associates have completed important research projects on drug use among secondary school students (funded by the UNODC), inhalant abuse among students and out-of-school youth in Jos metropolis, Nigeria, and a WHO-funded project on alcohol, gender and culture in Nigeria.


The CRISA Research Library hold thousands of publications (Books, Journals, Newsletters, etc.) on substance abuse, health and social sciences, including books published by the Centre, rare materials from the World Health Organization, and other UN agencies and Local and International Organizations.

Contact the Centre for information on how to register and use the library resources.


CRISA Staff members are available to provide brief advice and counseling for people suffering from alcohol and drug use disorders.

The Centre also provides information on available services in the country and is currently developing a plan to offer treatment and rehabilitation services.

In collaboration with community and other organizations, the CRISA organizes community events to address the:

    • Prevention of Substance use problems,
    • Mental Health Issues, and
  • General Health Promotion


CRISA has served as a Consultant to other NGOs interested in initiating drug abuse prevention activities for their organizations.

Also, the Centre has served as the Appointed Consultant on drug demand reduction to both the House of Representatives and Senate Committees on Drugs and Financial Crimes of the Nigerian National Assembly, Abuja.

CRISA has also worked with the Economic Commission of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on drug control issues in Africa.


In June 1991 the Centre held its first Biennial International Conference on “Alcohol, Drugs and Society in Africa”.

Since then a total of nine conferences have been held in series drawing participants from all parts of the world.

Beginning with the fifth edition, this biennial gathering of academics, policy makers, professionals, and students has been held in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria.

The conferences have focused on the following themes:

  • 1991 Approaches to Demand Reduction
  • 1993 The social Cost of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking
  • 1995 Drugs in the Work place: An Emerging Labour Crisis in Nigeria
  • 1999 Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment: What Works?
  • 2000 Drugs, Alcohol and Youth: From Research to Policy
  • 2002 Social and Economic Consequences of Drug Abuse: Research and Policy Considerations for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • 2006 Responding to Alcohol and Drug problems: A Focus on Effective Policies and Interventions
  • 2008 Substance Abuse and Social Development
  • 2010 Alcohol, Drugs and HIV/AIDS in Africa: Research, Prevention and Treatment Issues
  • 2012 Social Determinants of Substance Abuse in African Societies: From Knowledge to Action
  • 2014 Improving Access to Effective Treatment for Drug Use Disorder in Africa