During the past three decades, a majority of nations in the world witnessed tremendous problems and/or panic with regards to the phenomenon of narcotic abuse. In Western Europe, drug use and addiction “are perceived to rank among the most important social problems”, and the trends of abuse/dependency are alarming.’ The successive administrations in the United States view drug abuse as a national socio-economic, political and foreign policy problems, and they continue to wage ‘war against drugs“ but without evidence of victory, not even pyrrhic victory, in sight.. According to Shelley, five-to-six million people in the United States regularly use cocaine while approximately half a million are addicted to heroin”.
While, the problem is less serious in Eastern (Communist) Europe, it exists sufficiently enough to evoke considerable concern especially in Poland and Yugoslavia where the trends in drug use and addiction have been described as ‘depressing’, ‘alarming’ and ‘of massive proportions’.

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