So much has been done in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of those who abuse drugs through various publications, research works, conferences and programmes at local, national and international levels. One argument, which cannot be overlooked, is that “those who abuse drugs choose to abuse drugs and that they are probably exercising their rights to choose how they want to live“. This is the reason why we need to appreciate the contributions of those who know the dangers of drug abuse, have made tremendous contributions in dealing with the problems of drug abuse and choose never to abuse drugs. However, for most people, the impact of fake and adulterated drugs is problematic because they are, by far, exposed to the danger of fake and adulterated drugs because of the nefarious activities of others. For this reason, we need to focus attention on both drug abuse and drug adulteration and piracy because they are both related.
Historically, the war on fake or adulterated drugs in Nigeria started fill swing in the eighties when an increasing number of fake drugs were being sold indiscriminately (Odunsi 1989: 11). There is no doubt that the war against fake drugs is yet to be won. The damage that fake drugs have caused in our health care delivery system from a socio-psychological perspective is vital because faking and adulterating drugs are illegal acts perpetuated by human beings for human beings. It is vital to highlight crucial issues in this matter.

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