Part 1: Some Basic Issues
1. Narcotics Trafficking, Abuse and Control in Nigeria by Erannibi E. O. Alemika

2. The Concepts of Alcohol Use, Abuse and Dependence by A. B. Mamman

3. Capitalism and Drugs: A Critique of Conventional Theories of Substance Abuse by Mohammad J. Kuna & Dr. T. M. Bande

4. Adolescent Pressures to Experiment with Drugs and Sex by K. J. Ibanga & A. Zwandor

5. Understanding the Nigerian Drug Problem: A Methodological Note by E. O. Olumodeji

6. Supply of Alcohol: A Major Determinant of Alcohol Consumption and Abuse by A. O. Akerele

7. Nitrite Content in Beer by Juliet Egbunike & A. B. Mamman

8. Drugs and Sports by Olatunde O. A. Makanju

Part 2: Epidemiolgy of Alcohol and other Drug Abuse
9. The Epidemiology of Tobacco and Alcohol Abuse in Nigeria by Isidore Silas Obot

10. Trends in Alcohol Consumption Among Nigerian Undergraduates by B. Y. Oladimeji & Amos K. Fabiyi

11. Women, Children and Alcohol: A Study of Local Brewers in Jos, Nigeria by
Ochinya O. Ojiji, Zubairu K. Dagona & Fred I. Tamen

12. Alcohol Consumption Among Nigerian Brewery Workers by Amos K. Fabiyi & B. Y. Oladimeji

13. Pattern of Substance Abuse in the Psychiatric Unit of Jos University Teaching Hospital: A Prospective Study by P. U. Ikwuagwu, J. C. Nafziger & H. U. Isichei

14. A Survey of Alcohol Consumption Among Hospital Patients by J. C. Nafziger & Fred Tamen

15. The Pattern of Alcoholism in Jos, Nigeria and Castrop-Rausel, West Germany: A Comparative Study by H. U. Isichei, P. U. Ikwuagu & J. O. Egbuta

16. Drugs Mothers Prescribe for Newborn Babies by O. A. Abosede & E. J. Edoho

17. Personality Variables Among Alcohol and non-Alcohol users by Felix A. Oluwatelure

18. The Family Environment and Personality Characteristics of Children of Problem Drinkers by Haruna Karick

Part 3: Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation
19. Drugs and Mental Illness by Tolani Asuni

20. Management of Drug Abuse in Nigeria: What Really Works? by O. A. Sijuwola

21. Running a Drug Rehabilitation Centre by Jacob Yali

22. Drug Abuse in Nigeria: Nature, Extent, Policy Formulation and the Role of the NDLEA by A. O. Odejide

23. The Nature and Problems of Mental Hospitalisation of Alcohol and Drug Abusers by Gray Goziem Ejikeme

24. Is a Ban on Smoking in Public Places the Answer to the Unhealthy Habit? by C. J. G. Orjioke & C. C. Asadu

25. The Role of the Media in Drug Abuse Control: A Content Analysis of Four Nigerian Newspapers by Chris O. Okwudishu

26. Folklore of Alcoholism, Alcohol Drinking and Drunkenness by J. O. Ojoade & A. B. Ojoade

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