1. General characteristics and alcohol concentration of some brands of beer brewed and bottled in Nigerian by L. A. D. Duru & V. O. Nwabisi

2. Alcoholism and labour loss estimation in Nigeria by A. O. Akerele

3. Drug use and beliefs in the Nigerian construction industry by Emmanuel Achuenu & Ochinya O. Ojiji

4. Social and health implications of drug adulteration and piracy by Jacob Taiwo Akinmayowo

5. Toddler alcohol use in Makurdi metropolis, Nigeria by Fred Tamen, B O. Ker, M. M. Orhungur, Elvis Ihaji & Francis Udzua

6. Psychoactive drug abuse among secondary school students in Osun state of Nigeria and the counseling implications by A. M. Olusankin

7. Bankers attitude toward money laundering decree as drug-control strategy by Bakle Kumshin Tongnan & A. K. J. Ibanga

8. Tobacco smoking and labour-relations in Nigeria: implication for a Virile industrial productivity by I. A. Jimoh

9. Mandatory testing of blood alcohol levels of drivers on Nigerian roads by L.A.D.Duru & I. B.Enweani

10. Performance enhancing drugs and the Nigerian sports scene by Olatunde O. A. Makanju

11. Causes and control of drug abuse by athletes by K. Venkateswarlu & Vehcit Dasha
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12. Information dissemination in the control and treatment of substance abuse: the Theatre therapy approach by Jacob Manase Agaku

13. The changing nature of drug laws and drug law enforcement in Nigeria by Sam Obadiah Smah

14. Nigeria’s drug laws and policy: implications for drug abuse prevention and control by Etannibi E. O. Alemika

15. Social change, urbanization and drug use among Nigerian youth by Isidore S. Obot

16. Rapid situation assessment by Moruf Adelekan

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