Alcohol is one of the substances whose consumption is legally accepted. Its production is also a growing economic enterprise. Despite the legality of consumption and big, business status of the industry, alcohol consumers are placed in a peculiar position because the product is habit forming. This can place the consumer in a deviant position in society. The individual consumer is then left to rely on his own resources, specifically, his ability to control himself, to drink in moderation and under appropriate conditions.
The havoc caused by alcohol has resulted in several actions by both researchers and practitioners aimed at arresting the situation. One of such activities is the search for causal factors. The search has been long and has not been without its disappointment. The research has
been conducted from two angles, genetic-biological approach“: and the social-psychological approach. None of the above approaches has been able to explain problem drinking completely. ln addition most of the studies have been described as being unidimensional rather
than multidimensional.

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