In addressing this topic, I will want to look at why it is necessary to rehabilitate someone who abuses alcohol or drugs in the first place. How is a rehabilitation centre like the one we have — Our Lady of Victory Rehabilitation Centre, Sabon Gida Kanar– run? What problems do we encounter and what are our prospects. It is my hope that giving answers to these questions will sufficiently address the topic.
May I start by saying that the issue of alcohol and drug abuse is one that is as ancient and modern as man. It is a tragic waste and blemish on all ages of history that human misery brought about by this abuse, with its consistent medical, social, economic and spiritual implications, has gone so long unattended. It was only in the 1930s that society began to appreciate the enormity of the problem caused by the abuse of alcohol and the magnitude of the ensuring social and economic tragedies. Alcohol abuse is the cause of widespread misery, loss of family Income, marital heartbreak and conflict. As an adverse factor in recovery from other ills and as an entree to drug addiction, alcohol plays a paramount role.

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