Smoking has been extensively shown to be an unhealthy habit accounting for at least 2.5 million deaths each year. For this, cigarette advertising was completely banned in Britain in 1965‘ and by the Dutch Parliament in 1987 which included a ban on smoking, in public buildings. Nigeria in 1990 joined these other countries by banning, smoking in public places and restricting advertisement on the media. Such well-meaning legislations may not correct the unhealthy habit of smoking because smoking may still he indulged in privacy and in the absence of advertising. Conversely health information and education directed at the correct target group on the deleterious effects of smoking, are more likely to have longer lasting advantages.
This study explored the knowledge, attitude and practice of smoking by secondary school students in Enugu. It was also hoped that material for a health education programme against smoking as recommended in WHO Smoking Control Guidelines would be provided.

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