From the early beginning of remedial social legislation against the Nigerian drug problem, an elaborate framework backed up by strict surveillance has developed. The law courts and tribunals, the police and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have been playing their roles in stemming the tide of the problem without corresponding success. Strict vigilance is mounted at various entry points in and out of the country to ensure that drug trafficking is minimized. Arrests of abusers are daily being, made. The rapidity with which this problem seems to be growing calls for a methodological reappraisal if we must record a higher degree of success in our war against it. It cannot be doubted that the legal prohibitions against drug trafficking, peddling and abuse are appropriate or capable of reducing the incidence of the problem. What can be said is that the war against drug abuse is increasing as drug use itself.
We, therefore, need to raise pragmatic questions which can help us assess the present strategies being employed to combat this recurrent social problem.

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