What We Do

CRISA Associates are actively engaged in many areas of substance abuse research, including: Epidemiology,Treatment/Prevention, and Drug Law/Policy

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Our Major Objective

To enhance the capacity of African scholars and professionals to engage in research that advances our understanding of: Psychotropic drugs,Drug use and Drug-related problems

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CRISAcare is a drop-in centre (DIC) of the Centre for Research and Information on Substance Abuse (CRISA).

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CRISA Library

The CRISA Health Library offers a rich collection of materials and documents on different aspects of drugs, drug use and drug-related problems etc.

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CRISA has served as a Consultant to other NGOs interested in initiating drug abuse prevention activities for their organizations

CRISA has also worked with the Economic Commission of West African States (ECOWAS),
the African Union and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
on drug control issues in Africa.

Our Publications

CRISA is registered as a publisher at the Nigerian ISBN Agency, National Library, Lagos. The Centre has published three research monographs which are:

  • A well-received bibliography on drugs and alcohol in Nigeria
  • A prevention guide for parents and guardians, and
  • An academic journal