CRISA shares palliatives

To Cushion the impact of COVID-19, CRISA shared palliatives to clients and our community members while sensitising them on the negative impacts of substance use on their health.  

Alcohol and COVID-19: what you need to know

With the outbreak of coronavirus, the use of alcohol and psychoactive drugs increases the risk associated with serious complications arising from COVID 19. The situation with regards to responses to the COVID-19 outbreak is fast evolving. Up-to-date information can be found in the guidelines issued by the WHO Get the guidelines from WHO here: Download PDF Meanwhile, let us wear

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BMA Medical Book Awards 2019

Drug Policy and the Public Good 2nd Edition has been commended in the public health category at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2019. This award was presented to Thomas F. Babor, Jonathan Caulkins, Benedikt Fischer David Foxcroft, Keith Humphreys, María Ellena Medina-Mora, Isidore Obot, Jürgen Rehm, Peter Reuter, Robin Room, Ingeborg Rossow and John Strang.

4th Biennial National Symposium on Drugs and Drug Policy in Nigeria

The 2019 National Symposium on Drugs and Drug Policy in Nigeria is fast approaching and we are looking forward to seeing you in Abuja. The Symposium will take place on the 23rd and 24th of October; on the 22nd there will be a full day of activities for members of the NGO network organized by CIND. Both the NGO event

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