Chapter 12: Information dissemination in the control and treatment of substance abuse: the Theatre therapy approach by Jacob Manase Agaku


Drug and substance abuse has become a common feature of the Nigerian nation. But the approach to information dissemination, control and treatment has been largely from a scientific or medical perspective. The causes of the malaise are many and show that the social environment plays a greater role in causing and sustaining the problem. What is needed to control this is the human angle. This it the advantage that theater has over other methods.
Theater has continued to be a medium of creative interaction that captivates through the physical presence and contact; it evolves around the spiritual, psychological, to the physical. It is an approach appropriate to
mental innuendoes and spiritual fulfillment. Therefore, it is the human touch, as distinct from the scientific or medical treatment, that is required in information, control and treatment of the abuse of drugs and other
substances. Then why not the theater therapy for a change?