Chapter 5: Toddler alcohol use in Makurdi metropolis, Nigeria by Fred Tamen, B O. Ker, M. M. Orhungur, Elvis Ihaji & Francis Udzua


In recent times, attention is being drawn to the phenomenon of toddler use of alcohol and other substances in Nigeria. For example, Ojiji et al (1993) in their study found that children as early as 4 months of age are given alcohol by the women brewers. This finding is something that was previously unthinkable because the very earlier studies were focused on young children (Onwuzurike, 1984; Mbosowo, 1988; Oviasu 1976; Olatawura and Odejide, 1974; Ogunremi and Okono?ia, 1977; Akindele and Odejide, 1975; Nevadomsky, 1982; Ihezue, 1988a; Asuni, 1993). In the Oviasu’s study 62% of the respondents were under the age of 20. Oiatawura and Odejide, 1974 found drug abuse among secondary school students who abused stimulants such as amphetamines and caffeine. Similarly, Ogunremi and Okonofua( I977) in a study of University students reported a drug abuse rate of 26% among their sample. Another study of youths by Nevadomsky (1982) showed that 15% of female and 25% of male respondents used hypno-sedatives while more males used alcohol, marijuana and stimulants. Odejide (1977) and Anumonye (1980) found children between 11-14 years involved in the abuse of various drugs including alcohol.