Chapter 6: Substance abuse among physically-challenged beggars in Jos Metropolis Marilyn F. Dafom, Juiiet Y. Pwajok, Policarp M. Bot, Pankyes A. Kutman, James R. Dakas, Joseph Kosen & T J. Ibrahim.


Alcohol and substance abuse continue to be a big problem in Nigeria. The problem of substance abuse has even spread among persons with physical and mental challenges who indulge in street begging as a source of livelihood (Save the Children, 2011). The devastating impact of alcohol/substance abuse on our society is very high, a problem that is not just for the populations that are considered normal but also for many persons with physical and or mental challenges (Osa-Edoh et al., 2012). Both the physically—challenged and non-physically challenged beggars use posters or envelopes (illegitimate materials or posters related to church programs or any charitable organization) with pictures of terminally ill people to solicit-money (Osa—Edoh & Ayano 2012). Others involved Small children who lead adult beggars around the streets (Nuhu & Nuhu. 2010). Street begging especially when Children are involved has been associated with antisocial behaviours such as prostitution, drug abuse and involvement in the commission of criminal acts such as robbery and other related crimes (Save the Children, 2011). According to the Global Report on Alcohol (WHO, 1999), even with the decline in the consumption of alcohol in the developed countries, its consumption is increasing in developing countries especially Nigeria.